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Dear customers, you can order your favorite dishes to your home and workplace through our website without visiting our restaurant. It should be noted that the orders placed through our website are prepared in the same quality as the orders of customers who come to our restaurant. One of the most important principles for us is to deliver the customer's order on time and constantly monitor customer satisfaction.


Delicious recipe

The dishes we offer from local and world cuisine are prepared on the basis of special recipes. Sauces prepared by our experienced and professional masters with different ingredients add a special flavor to our dishes.


Unchanging flavor of the years!

About Us

Our delicious history dates back to 1998. We started operating in a small space, with a small team, and in a short time we became a family restaurant, providing full quality service. We are currently at your service with more than 20 branches! The quality and freshness of the products we use is one of the most important factors for us. It should be noted that special attention is paid to the storage conditions of the products we buy. Our employees constantly monitor the refrigerators and warehouses where food is stored. It should be noted that in order to destroy viruses and bacteria that can be a source of disease, our restaurant is regularly disinfected.

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Shaurma haqqinda

Our Menu

PIzza MargherIta 13.00 AZN
Shaurma (Lavash) 4.70 AZN
Shaurma (Bread) 4.70 AZN
MImosa Salad (330 g) 5.90 AZN

Unchanging flavor of the years!

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